Robert Hughes Convicted Of Pedophilia



Robert Hughes, 65, the star of the Australian sitcom Hey Dad..! was found guilty of nine charges of pedophilia by an Australian court on April 7th. He was convicted of sexually abusing a number of children between six and 15. The famous Aussie actor had previously been accused of nine charges that included two counts of sexual assault and seven counts of indecent assault.

After he was extradited from London, his trial lasted six weeks. While his verdict was being read out, Hughes kept shaking his head in denial. When he heard the verdict, Hughes stood up and started screaming “I’m innocent!”

As his young accusers claim, his sexual misconduct happened between 1985 and 1990, while Australia loved and appreciated as the most popular movie dad in the country.

Hey Dad..! was a highly popular show that was aired from 1987 to 1994. The sitcom focused on a single father, Martin Kelley, played by Hughes, raising three children, Simon, Debbie, and Jennie, after his wife had died. But, the general audience was completely unaware of what was happening on the set. It turns out Hughes had a thing for young actresses, and was sexually abusing children on the set.

The scandal unfolded when Sarah Monahan, a cast member who played the role of his youngest child Jennie, revealed that Hughes exposed himself and abused her on the set. These news eventually led other former child stars to share their experiences. Most of the accusations deal with sexual assaults and exposure.

Hughes will wait a while before going to jail, and the jury will continue further deliberations on Tuesday, April 8th.

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