Robin Williams Genie Outtakes Can’t Be Used For Aladdin Sequel


If Disney wants to do an Aladdin remake or sequel, they are going to have to find a new genie. According to company executives, there was talk of doing a sequel to the classic animated movie using outtakes that the late Robin Williams had recorded while working on the first movie.

Williams recorded so much at the time, that there was enough in the outtakes to use for an entire new movie.

However, it’s not going to happen. The late actor has a stipulation in his will that forbids anyone from using these outtakes up to 25 years after his death.

Disney found this out recently when they were putting together a Blu-ray release of the original Aladdin, and wanted to include some of Williams’ outtakes in the bonus material, but were unable to do so legally.

So if they want to do another movie in the next 25 years, they are going to have to find another genie.


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