Rooney’s Family Settle For His Final Resting Place



As the dispute over the future burial place has been settled, one of Hollywood’s greatest legends will be buried at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Rooney died of natural causes on Sunday, April 6th, at the age of 93, ending a long nine-decade carrier. Due to his estrangement and separation from his last wife, Janice Rooney, his body remained unclaimed in Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn Cemetery mortuary. The claiming of the body was postponed until Rooney’s conservator and attorney Michael Augustine and Mrs. Rooney found an agreement on where to bury his remains.

Janice Rooney and her son Chris Aber were banned from removing Mickey from Forest Lawn, as the court papers presented by his attorney, Mr. Augustine, stated in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, April 8th, that the removal of his remains would be against the Rooney’s wishes.

His wife asserted the actor had wanted to lie next to her, in the Westlake Village Cemetery, California, whereas Augustine opposed, insisting the actor must be buried according to his wishes, next to other Hollywood stars such as Cecil DeMille, Jayne Mansfield and Rudolph Valentino.

The small, private ceremony will not be followed by much media coverage, and the actor’s family will exclude Chris Aber and his wife Christina, because Mike Augustine, who’s been Rooney’s attorney since 2011, has announced.

In fact, the couple will be forbidden to appear, as there are allegations that they abused the elderly star while they served as their caretakers. Janice was allowed to attend ceremony, but without the opportunity to revisit any ceremonies with the Abers. Chris, Rooney’s stepson was given a temporary restraining order in 2011, after the star claimed of being financially abused by the unnamed family members.

The agreement over the final resting place of the legendary actor was set on Thursday, April 10th, a day before the matter reached the court on Friday April 11th. In the settlement, his wife agreed for his body to be moved from Forest Lawn to “Hollywood Forever Cemetery for the disposition of his remains,” according to the news from

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