Rumored Budget for Avengers: Infinity Wars Is Enormous



If you are still wondering whether Avengers: Infinity Wars is going to be a big deal, wonder no more. According to recent industry reports, the first two installments of the series are going to have a one billion dollar budget. That is a ton of money.

Look at it this way. It took $280 million to make Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Infinity Wars movies are going to be shot one after another, that’s going to take about nine full months. So you would think that the cost would be about $700 million at the very most. But one billion dollars is a crazy amount of money!

Obviously, that’s not just for the shooting and the special effects. The cast is going to be serious and everyone working on the movie will be top-shelf. The report states that the screenwriter, director, producers, and main actors account for $400 million of that budget.

However, it is just an estimate at this point. According to most people close to the movies, the script isn’t even written yet. And obviously, you can’t really plan a budget for shooting without a script.

But it’s going to be huge, no doubt.

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