Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively To Become Parents



Actor Ryan Reynolds and his actress and style icon wife Blake Lively are expecting their first child.

The two have been married for two years now. Lively, known best for her role in Gossip Girl, announced her pregnancy on her Preserve website.

Lively, who is 27, launched a new section on her site about families and created a post with pictures of pregnant women. At the end of her post, she included a picture of herself and her baby bump, taken by her brother.

The actress has expressed her desire to be a mother many times in recent interviews, so it really is not surprising. She has also gushed on several occasions about what a great father Reynolds would make, stating that he would be a great patriarch, father and leader to his children.

And most importantly, the baby will obviously be incredibly good looking, creating competition for the recently born Gosling-Mendes and Kutcher-Kunis kids.


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