Scientists Slam Jurassic World For Inaccurate Dinosaur Portrayal



Paleontologist have harshly criticized Jurassic World and branded the upcoming blockbuster a ‘dumb monster movie’, after director Colin Trevorrow decided not to depict dinosaurs in accordance with the latest research.

Although Steven Spielberg was widely praised for his accurate portrayal in the 1993 original Jurassic Park, science has since used fossils to prove that the T-Rex and velociraptor would have been covered in chick-like feathers and paleontologists expected to see dinosaurs in line with modern research.

Since most people still imagine dinosaurs without feathers, filmmakers (Spielberg included) have decided to ignore science.

Here’s what Southampton University zoologist Darren Naish told The Sunday Times:

“The original film showed dinosaurs that were not simply roaring, scaly monsters but were active, social, bird-like animals with dynamic bodies. Now, Jurassic World is simply a dumb monster movie and there has been a deliberate effort to make its animals look different from the way we think they should.”

Defending his movie, Trevorrow said that Jurassic World is intended as a sci-fi film, not a documentary. Here’s what he said:

“I think one reason people attach Jurassic Park to science is that Steven Spielberg was so successful in taking a sci-fi idea and presenting it like it was real. But what you were being told was the same as someone telling you how time travel works. It doesn’t actually work.”

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