Seth Rogen To Co-Star In Steve Jobs Bio Pic



We learned last week that Christian Bale was tapped to play Steve Jobs in a movie that is being filmed about the late Apple founder’s life. We have now learned that funnyman Seth Rogen will be his co-star.

Rogan will be playing Steve Wozniak, who is Apple’s co-founder and was one of Jobs’ closest friends and business associates. It will definitely be interesting to see Rogan in this movie, since he really does not have a lot of experience in dramas and is most known for his comedies and for being a funny actor.

Of course, it was no surprise that Bale got the part of Jobs, especially after we learned how intense it was going to be. The movie’s writer Aaron Sorkin said that Bale will literally be in every seen of the movie and will have more lines in this movie than most actors have in three movies.

No information was given on how Rogen got the role and whether he had to audition, but Sorkin did say that Bale got the part without having to audition at all.

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