Song Of The Sea Brings Irish Legend To Life



With his second animated movie ‘Song of the Sea’, Irish filmmaker Tomm Moore rightfully establishes himself as not only the guardian of Celtic legend and myths, but traditional animation as well. Following his Oscar-nominated movie ‘The Secret of Kells’, Moore continues to preserve and present tales of old to viewers of all ages.

The worlds painted in both movies are quite impressive, and the visual style and settings are so magnificent that they frequently risk to draw attention away from the story. However, this is not a bad thing. The story in ‘Song of the Sea’ is not a complex one, and only with the aid of such breathtaking craftsmanship are we able to truly immerse ourselves in the fascinating realm of Irish mythology.

Whether or not you’re familiar with Irish lore, ‘Song of the Sea’ paints the connection between our world, and the world of mystical beings and events. As the title of the movie indicates, song has the power to change worlds, and reveal wonder and magic in ordinary lives.


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