South African Oscars Favors Of Good Report Over Mandela Film



South African’s best picture awards, the country’s equivalent to the Academy Awards, voted in favor of a controversial new movie called Of Good Report, making it triumph over Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

Made in black and white, the movie depicts a highly inappropriate relationship of a 16-year-old girl and her teacher.

Presented as a man “of good report” the teacher starts off as a quiet character with a love for the written word. He slowly develops romantic interest in one of his pupils.

An obsessive relationship ensues, ending in catastrophic consequences. The movie is said to pay homage to film noir.

Jahmil XT Quebeka’s profoundly disturbing drama almost never saw the light of day when it received an official ban on last year’s Durban International Film Festival, when the censors made the cut, rating it because of the scenes of sexual nature with an underage girl.

After it was established that the girl was, in fact, of appropriate age, the decision to ban the movie was overruled by the state-run Film and Publications Board.

The movie director, Jahmil XT Quebeka received the best director prize, Mothusi Magano got best actor, and the supporting actors were also awarded, Tshamano Sebe and Tina Jaxa.

The ceremony of the eighth annual South African and Television Awards was held on Saturday, April 5th.

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