Star Trek Beyond Is Soon Upon Us, Krall Is Coming!



The world is more than ready for the new Star Trek Beyond movie that will hit theaters on July 22nd. The movie catches up with the crew of the Enterprise, who are about in the middle of their five-year journey, reports CinemaBlend

Many stunning promotional posters were posted on social media during the past week, showing each of the main characters individually, including the new villain that has received much attention.

Krall enters the stage as a dangerous threat to the Starfleet, which he aims to destroy, and he intends to start with the Enterprise. He almost succeeds, but the crew manages to escape to what will only be the beginning of their journey in the movie.

Idris Elba, the amazing actor behind Krall, is definitely a promising pick for the new Star Trek antagonist, though, truth be told, it will be difficult to overshadow Cumberbatch’s Khan, who was no less than exquisite. As always, the fans of the franchise will be the ones to judge Elba’s performance and decide whether he’s the right man for the role or not. According to what we’ve seen, we think he’s definitely a good choice.

Beam to Beyond with the U.S.S. Enterprise crew ?? #StarTrek #StarTrekBeyond @startrekmovie

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Kirk and Krall @startrekmovie posters go above and beyond ? #StarTrek #StarTrekBeyond

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