Step Brothers 2 Will Happen, But Not Soon



Everyone wants to see a sequel to Step Brothers, because it was one of the best comedies in recent memory. And director Adam McKay is aware of that. He has said on many occasions that it will become a reality, but not soon.

McKay said that they have a whole story and outline for the sequel, which of course will feature step brothers Will Ferrell and John C Reilly in  the lead roles again. However, the reason the movie has not been finished yet is because it was trumped by another sequel from the director – Anchorman 2.

So now that Anchorman 2 is done, why aren’t they working on Step Brothers 2. It seems that McKay is kind of sick of sequels. More accurately, he does not want to be the guy known for only making sequels of his popular movies. McKay said that he wants to try to work on some new, original movies first, and then go back to Step Brothers when the time is right.

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