Stephen Fry, British Legendary Comedian, Still In Hospital Due To Technical Error



One of Britain’s fathers of contemporary comedy, Stephen Fry, was supposed to be discharged from hospital yesterday morning, but because of a technical error, he has to remain in hospital until a machine gets fixed.

Fry was admitted to the hospital last Wednesday for a painful skin condition cellulitis. This condition is rather unpleasant, but it’s treatable.

Hoping to be home by last Friday, Fry had an unpleasant surprise when he was told that would have to stay for the weekend to be released on Monday. When he was finally going to be treated and released, Fry’s troubles were again delayed until further notice. Namely, the British star needed to get an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), but the machine was not functioning properly.

On Monday morning, Fry informed his fans on in a tone appropriate to his persona, that his troubles of getting out of hospital have been postponed. Even in hospital, Fry never loses his joyousness and literary overtones:

“Oh woe, woe and woe with frilly pants on. The MRI machine is broken. Due for a scan and then release from hospital at 9 (AM).Heigh ho. Fate… Really looks like I’ll be free by mid-afternoon. MRI at 1pm. Meanwhile now enchanted by (book) Good For Nothing.”

However, the corpulent actor may not be such a brave patient, as he expressed concern about his health on Twitter over the weekend: “Calamity. Tragedy. Woe. Catastrophe. End of Days. Beastly Dark Blues have blighted my happiness. I may never leave hospital at all now. Sob.”

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