Steve McQueen Urges Britain To Change Laws On Modern Slavery



British moviemaker who got an Academy Award for best movie, Steve McQueen, has appealed to the U.K. legislative system to tighten up human trafficking laws. McQueen thinks the laws need some rewiring in order to be more effective.

Victims of modern slavery need protection from their enslavers and from the crimes they have committed under force. Also, new regulations should ensure that the criminals who put people into slavery be prosecuted more efficiently and receive more severe punishment.

The director of 12 Years a Slave gave his full support for introducing new anti-slavery legislation, and has openly backed UK MPs looking to make the necessary changes in the current draft. The acclaimed director believes in the British anti-slavery tradition, which dates back to campaigners like William Wilberforce and the Quakers.

McQueen stated in his support that “The authors of this report… have grasped the complexity of contemporary trafficking and forced labor in the United Kingdom and have set forth clearly the fundamentals of what is necessary to tackle it effectively.”

“I warmly commend this report and pay tribute to the members of the committee who have produced it. Their work has honored Parliament and the country.”

The British director is an active and successful humanitarian who also works as an ambassador for Anti-Slavery International. The organization is based in the U.K. and fights modern slavery by lobbying against it. His Oscar winning movie also had a great role about raising anti-slavery awareness.

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