Tarantino Films ‘The Hateful Eight’ In November



Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino allegedly will star the work on the movie The Hateful Eight later in 2014. He has announced his plans to cancel the project when part of the script leaked online.

Director then filed a copyright infringement lawsuit, seeking $1 million in damages. He hit the editors at Gawker.com with the suit after the website published a report about the leaked script.

However, the lawsuit was dismissed in April 2014, but the 51-year old movie maker was allowed to amend it and refile, which he did earlier in May.

Since, Tarantino has asked the judge to withdraw the action. Apparently, he plans to make the western movie after all.
In April, he gathered Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Amber Tamblyn, Walton Goggins, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Bruce Dern for a reading of the leaked script at the County Museum of Arts in Los Angeles. On Saturday night, April 19 2014, Tarantino brought his notoriously leaked and ‘shelved’ The Hateful Eight script out for a spin.

1200 lucky fans eagerly waited this once in a lifetime opportunity taking place in downtown Los Angeles at the beautiful and famous, Theatre at Ace Hotel.

Tarantino took the stage in cowboy attire, iterating this was a first draft and there would be a second draft, a third draft and so on. Message to fans is the movie will be made after all the drama.

According to Showbiz411.com, production on the film is set to start in November 2014.

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