“The Barber” Just Doesn’t Make The Cut



The premise of this movie is interesting enough. Unfortunately, it never makes good on the promise that the stories has and drags along from one thriller movie cliché to another. “The Barber” is a small-town hair cutter who the man character, Scott Glenn, suspects used to be a serial killer who was never caught by police.

Within the first half hour, it’s pretty obvious to everyone that he was in fact the killer, now we have to wade through a bunch of illogical and tedious theories and stories to receive a confirmation.

It seems as if the writer of the movie, Max Enscoe, knew how he wanted the movie to end, but didn’t really have any great ideas for what comes in between the belief that the barber was that serial killer and the realization that he actually was the murder. Instead, we get very convoluted and strange plot twists that not only lack sense, but lack any sense of tension, which is what a thriller should be all about in the end, right?

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