The Force Awakens Sets Record For Biggest US Opening Ever



It’s been less than a week since the first episode of the new Star Wars Trilogy was released, and needless to say, The Force Awakens was well received by Star Wars fans of all ages. The veterans, the new kids, casual fans, everybody seems to love it. So, now the question arises, does that amazement translate into “material” success?

And we’re proud to say – yes. As of Monday morning, the estimates are $247 million, which means the movie set a record for opening weekend at the domestic box office. The Force Awakens has bested Jurassic World’s $208.8 million by more than $40 million, which is a tremendous success on its own. It also destroyed Harry Potter’s single-day record by 32 percent, coming in at $120.5 million. The film made $57 million from Thursday-night previews alone.

When looking at the total worldwide box-office numbers, the results are even more breathtaking. The Force Awakens has earned $517 million worldwide, which makes it the second movie in film history to cross half-a-billion dollars on its opening weekend. It’s also important to mention that the film hasn’t even premiered on the Chinese market yet, so once it does in January, the numbers will surely increase even more.

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Praise goes to the creatives who are responsible for rehabilitating the film franchise, director J.J. Abrams, the original cast of Fisher, Kasdan and Ford as well as the “new kids on the block,” Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac. Disney’s Bob Iger deserves praise too, along with movie chief Alan Horn. Few old-fashioned studio bosses still remain in business in Hollywood nowadays due to the increasingly corporate climate that results in studio chiefs being chosen more for marketing experience than movie love. Horn is definitely one of them, though.

What’s really amazing about The Force Awakens is the number of people it brought back into the cinema to see the film. It has proven once again that no matter how advanced technology is, no matter how good our TVs and home theaters are, you just can’t beat seeing this film on the big screen. The sound, the picture quality, the 3D, and the overall experience are something that is more than special and reminiscent of an age of great passion for cinema. Ultimately, that’s what Star Wars is all about.

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