“The Hobbit” Rules Box Office This Weekend



It’s probably no surprise to anyone who watches movies, but it should be stated. “The Hobbit” made a killing at the box office this weekend. Peter Jackson’s third and final installment made more than 90 million in its opening weekend.

The movie that made the second most money was the newest installment of “Night at the Museum.” And it wasn’t even close to Jackson’s epic, making only 17.3 million.

However, if you look at the figures closely, the first two installments of The Hobbit fared much better. These stats are from Wednesday to Sunday, but if you look at the weekend alone, the new film only made $56.2 million.

Sure, it’s still a lot of money, but if you compare it to the first two, it’s fall of over 20 percent. The first Hobbit move made over $84 million its first weekend and the second one made $73.6 million.

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