The New Fantastic Four Trailer Is Awesome


It’s time to get really pumped about the new Fantastic Four movie. The trailer just went online and it’s absolutely incredible. Why is it so good? Because it not only looks amazing, but it gives you a lot more information that you usually get from these types of trailers about the movie itself.

You get a look into the spaceship with all of the team members present: Victor Domashev aka Dr. Doom, Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic, Susan Storm the Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm the Human Torch and Ben Grimm aka The Thing.

You also get a great setup and insight into what the movie is going to be all about. It really is one of the better trailers for a comic book-based action movie that we have seen in ages. So what are you waiting for, check it out right now! The movie is scheduled to be released on August 7.

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