The Oscar Hype Is Real For “Bridge Of Spies”



When watching the new Steven Spielberg movie “Bridge of Spies,” one of the coolest things about it is that it doesn’t entirely feel like a Spielberg movie. Of course, all of the signs of an epic Spielberg period piece are there. The pacing and tension is familiar and the direction is there. But what really sets this movie apart is the script. And that’s probably because the Coen brothers had a big part in writing it.

And of course, the acting is fantastic. Tom Hanks is probably going to be in the running for an Oscar for his portrayal of a lawyer turned spy in this movie.

This Cold War thriller has an oldschool feel, but it’s also not like anything Spielberg has done before. Not entirely anyway. In fact, it can probably be said that “Bridge of Spies” is a great return to form for the director, and it might even be the best movie he has made since “Saving Private Ryan.”


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