‘The Overnight’ Is The Funniest Comedy This Year




The Overnight is one of those new neighborhoods movies that also deals with sexuality and relationships in general. All that with a really great sense of humor and careful editing. Well, not edition per se, more pacing than editing.

The director Patrick Brice, who also wrote the script for this movie, didn’t fell into usual traps that movies like this have. Although it’s a bit more “hipstery” for my taste, it’s still packed with very intelligent and direct jokes that are definitely not intended for children.

This is an adult movie and the jokes are for adults, so forget those PG crappy one liners that we have seen so much lately. Alex, Emily, and their son, RJ just moved to Los Angeles and are looking to make friends. They accidentally bump into Kurt, Charlotte, and Max who are a bit different. They are going to realize that as the night continues…

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