The Shining Hotel To Become Horror Museum



The main character in Stephen King’s horror classic “The Shining” is not Jack Nicholson, it’s actually the The Stanley Hotel. This is a hotel in Colorado that actually inspired the entire movie while King was staying there, and it has an important role in the history of horror.

But inspiring the Overlook Hotel in the 1977 book is not all that it’s going to do for horror, the hotel is actually going to be turned into a horror museum soon.

It will not only be a horror-themed museum, it will also include a film archive and production studio, which is currently being built.

The founding board of this new Stanley Film Center actually has some famous people on it, including Simon Pegg and Elijah Wood. The hotel is going to be expanded to be a museum, sound stage, a studio for post-production and an auditorium. That’s pretty cool.

But it’s far from finished. The hotel is asking Colorado to help fund these works to the tune of $11.5 million.

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