The Spongebob Movie Will Thrill Parents And Children Alike



If we’re being completely honest, Spongebob was never really just a kid’s cartoon. While kids certainly do get a kick out of the gap-toothed sponge and his buddies, the humor was always a little bit more mature.

Not mature in an intellectual sense, but perhaps sometimes a bit too racy for your 5 year-old and, in reality, more appropriate for your marijuana-smoking 16 year-old.

As fans know, this is not Spongebob’s first big screen appearance, with the 2004 debut movie being a huge hit across the board. If the first film did not assure you that Spongebob can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages, then this new one certainly will.

The movie’s premise is one that you’ve seen many times in the show. Plankton is attacking Spongebob’s beloved place of work, the Krusty Krab, and Spongebob and his best buddy Patrick need to help.

However, they need to take a trip above water, which is when things get weird. On the beach, the movie shifts from regular cartoon animation to live-action. An even though it might falter a bit as a result, it’s still a great ride overall.

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