The Tetris Movie Is Officially In The Works



Tetris was one of the favorite toys of our childhoods, but no one ever thought that it would be transferred to the big screen. As it often happens, some people think bigger than others and we’ll soon get to watch the Tetris movie. Larry Kasanoff, the mastermind behind this whole idea, has recently told the Empire that the Tetris movie will, in fact, be a trilogy, to the even bigger surprise of the world.

Now, it’s not easy to come up with a storyline that naturally includes blocks of different shapes flying in from the sky, but Kasanoff claims that he and his crew pulled it off. They have pulled it off so well that the story became too broad for one movie alone, so they decided to turn it into a sci-fi franchise.

Kasanoff has high hopes about this endeavor and he’s glad to announce that the casting is already under way. It’s interesting to think about who or what they are casting, but it will remain a surprise for the time being, just like the storyline of the movie.

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