The Theory Of Everything: What Does It Take To Play Professor Stephen Hawking?



Eddie Redmayne only spent a couple of hours with physicist Stephen Hawking before filming, but went through intense mental and physical preparations in order to play the part. He wanted everything to be perfect and took every single detail seriously.

The Oscar-winning actor spent months reading about Hawking’s life, work and disease. He watched every documentary and YouTube clip he could find.

“I tried to read literally everything I could get my hands on. It became hilarious, because I would get 40 pages in, and I was like — ‘Eddie, none of these words make any sense to you.'”

That’s when he started working with a physics teacher at Imperial College London while at the same time working with a choreographer for four hours a day. Redmayne also spoke with over 30 patients suffering from Hawking’s paralyzing motor neuron disease at a neurology clinic in London.

In addition to losing 15 pounds for the role, the actor also remained hunched and motionless between takes until a doctor told him he would damage his spine.

Ultimately, all his hard work paid off. Not only did Redmayne win an Oscar for Best Actor, but the Professor himself also praised his acting and said he was moved to tears when he saw the movie.




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