‘The Visit’ Could Be Year’s Worst Movie



If we’re talking about the worst movies of 2015 so far, “The Visit” has to be in the conversation. We can say one thing for this new M. Night Shyamalan movie that is positive. The twist is actually pretty decent and you definitely won’t expect it. However, the rest of the movie is laughably bad.

It is supposed to be some sort of Blair Witch-esque found-film horror movie, but it really fails in just about every aspect.

There’s nothing innovative about it, and for the most part, there’s nothing scary about it either. The entire movie comes off as forced and in the end, turns into an unintentional comedy.

Usually, you can expect at least a fun rid from Shyamalan movies, but “The Visit” does not even deliver on that end. Plain and simple, the story is incredibly interesting and any attempt at frightening the view comes off as forced and usually pretty funny, which we are sure was not his intention.

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