There Can Be Only One Highlander



The rumors about the Highlander reboot (remake, reworking, whatever they’re calling it this time) keep popping up, with actors being attached and then detached, with directors replacing one another and with movie almost falling through the cracks at times.

The good thing is that we still have the original to enjoy until they decide to get their ducks in a row and end up screwing one very underrated action movie from the 1980s.

Highlander is a very strange and interesting movie, even from today’s perspective. Somehow, you get the feeling that it was never supposed to be too serious and too successful but then you have Queen doing the music for it. You have a US-born Frenchman playing a Scott and a Scott playing an Egyptian-Spanish dude. And you have Clancy Brown having the most fun anyone ever had playing a villain.

And it all works. It works so gloriously. The movie becomes this flurry of exciting and inventive action sequences, emotional moments and those trademark Christopher Lambert smiles that no one else can do.

Highlander is a great action movie and if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure that you do.

There can be only one!

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