This Is How Sinister’s Creepy Boogeyman Came To Life



Even though we agree with movie critics that Sinister 2 is nowhere near as good as the first film, the horror flick still deserves some attention as it does have the ability to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

The inspiration for the movie apparently came f2rom a nightmare writer C. Robert Cargill experienced after watching The Ring, one of the best horrors ever. He said he had dreamt finding an old film in his attic that showed the gruesome hanging of an entire family. When he decided to make a movie about his nightmare, the only other thing he needed was a villain, or in this case – a boogeyman.

Cargill named the terrifying creature Mr. Boogie and wanted him to resemble an evil version of Willy Wonka. Once he spoke with co-writer Scott Derrickson, Cargill realized that a distorted Wonka wouldn’t be sinister enough (or to be precise, they thought audiences would find it ‘silly’), so they decided to change the concept.

While discussing the character, they came to the conclusion that their villain shouldn’t belong to any specific religion but represent a pagan deity.  They gave him the name ‘Bughuul,’ even though the children in the film call him Mr. Boogie.

When searching for inspiration, they turned to the Internet and discovered a perfect photograph of a devilish being, which was tagged ‘Natalie.’ They immediately contacted the author of the image in question and bought the rights to use the photo for a mere $500.

Derrickson later said that, since he was already looking into black metal for inspiration, he wanted Bughuul to be associated with the costumes and corpse paint worn by black metal musicians, while at the same time staying original enough so as not to be directly connected to the underground genre.

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