This Is Why ‘Boyhood’ Is A Masterpiece



This coming-of-age movie was set to be strange from the first time Richard Linklater thought of the idea. It was shot over 45 days, from May 2002 to August 2013. That’s 4000 days that have passed between the beginning and the end of the movie and that fact alone makes Boyhood a movie that you just have to see. 

To see actual aging in one movie, to see how people are changing, both physically and mentally is a true experience. Boyhood is a story about growing up, shown through the eyes of young boy called Mason. Road-trips, first loves, fights and all the things that we call life are addressed properly in this masterpiece.

However, Boyhood just narrowly escaped that Style-over-substance trap, although some think that it was snared from the beginning. We think that this movie transcends such concepts with ease. It brings us all together, showing us that we are actually living the same lives, just in different ways.

The movie won an Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role by Patricia Arquette, and was nominated in five other categories.


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