This Post-It Star Wars Mural Is Pretty Epic


When your company is called Viking, then you are actually morally obligated to have a really cool looking office. But the staff did not decide on some type of Scandinavian theme, they decided to go intergalactic.

Inspired by work done by Ben Brucker, known for his superhero murals created out of post-its, the Viking team decided to do something similar. They studied the technique and decided to do the same thing with their wall space, but create pictures of Star Wars characters instead of superheroes.

In the end, which is about 3,000 post-its later, they put together four wall murals – RD-D2, a stormtrooper, Yoda and Darth Vader.

They put a time lapse video up and it’s pretty great to watch. You would think that this would take ages to do, but it actually came together pretty quickly. Once it was all planned out, it took the team only about five hours to complete the project.

And if you want the exact post-it count, it was 3,597 in total when all was said and done.

For more information about the whole project, check out:


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