Three Big Stars In Running For Doctor Strange Role



Marvel have been talking about making a Doctor Strange movie for some time. And even though they already have a director, with Scott Derrickson already set to direct the flick, they still don’t have any stars on board.

Until recently, Joaquin Phoenix was in the running for the role of Doctor Strange, but it seems that his management has taken him out of the equation. According to sources close to Marvel, there are currently three big name stars that are still in the running: Keanu Reeves, Benedict Cumberbatch and Colin Farrell.

If we are just looking at who is busy and who isn’t currently, we are willing to bet that it will be Reeves. Farrell doesn’t really have much interest in comic book movies, according to people close to him, and he’s going to be very busy as the star of the next season of True Detective.

Cumberbatch has a lot on his plate as well with season four of Sherlock, and there are also rumors that he will be getting a big role in the Batman vs. Superman movie.

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