Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Again To Play Sisters In The Nest



These two have already played sisters on the big screen and are scheduled to star in a new Hollywood movie called The Nest. Amy Poehler, known for her role in the popular TV series Parks and Recreation, is closing a deal to reunite with her former on-screen sister in the upcoming movie, called The Nest.

The movie is going to be a comedy and it is going to be directed by Jason Moore, famous for his movie Pitch Perfect, whereas the screenplay was written by Paula Pell, who is a comedy writer, a producer, and an actress, most famous for writing sketches for Saturday Night Live.

TheWrap.com peaked into the script, and, as expected, The Nest will focus on the relationship between the two sisters, Fey and Poehler, who are shocked by the news that their parents are selling the house of their childhood memories. Apparently, the sisters make a decision to spend one last crazy weekend in their former home, to learn about themselves and, in a way, grow up. Fey and Poehler previously also appeared together in the movie called Mean Girls.

The movie that first brought the two stars together was a 2008 comedy called Baby Mama. The comedy deals with a young woman who discovers that she cannot have children and decides to hire a working class girl to do the job.

The two were also brought together as hosts of the Golden Globe ceremony for the second year in a row last January. Poehler is also to produce and star in her brother’s sitcom called Welcome to Sweden, which is going to be aired in July in the US.

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