Tired Of Old Movie Quotes? Rewatch ‘My Cousin Vinny’



Ahhhh the nineties… The time of great action movies and comedies, still with that eighties charm and great one liners. Movies that are popular now may have those quotes that are more applicable but nothing beats that nineties charm.

It’s back to basics with My Cousin Vinny from 1992. Starring Joe Pesci who doesn’t even need to speak to be funny, this movie just shreds all those cutie legal comedies with its clarity and down to earth approach. Admit it, right now you’re saying OK, OK, OK, the famous Pesci line from Lethal Weapon, now imagine that times ten.

Two New Yorkers, Bill Gambini and Stanley Rothenstein, that are just passing by rural Alabama are soon charged with murder that they didn’t commit. Their only chance is an inexperienced, loud-mouth lawyer that’s supposed to get them out of jail. Queue Vincent Laguardia Gambini (Joe Pesci) who arrives in Alabama to unleash New York fury…

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