Tom Hanks Has Started Working On Toy Story 4



The newest addition to the Toy Story franchise was announced back in 2011, making the wish of the film’s countless fans come true. It was stated that the film would focus on the love story between Toy Story protagonist Woody and his girlfriend Bo Peep. Tom Hanks, who voiced Woody in the first three films, revealed that the production has started and that he too has begun¬†recording his lines. He also said that the film is scheduled to be released in 2018. He told fans the great news when guesting on the Graham Norton show a week ago, and everything he said was immediately met with delight from everyone present, including the show host.

Despite a number of speculations about the movie’s plot and the official release date, Disney and Pixar remained silent about the beginning of the production. Hanks jokingly said that someone had “stuck a microphone in his face” at some point and asked the actor whether there was going to be a Toy Story 4. So, it was time someone confirmed the good news. A day later, he was contacted by Disney’s lawyers, who reminded him that he was contractually forbidden to discuss Toy Story 4. A master of wit like no other, he replied, in his own words:

“Hey, I’m sorry, but let me just point out: I’m Woody, pal.”

With the amount of success the original trilogy brought Pixar, it’s no surprise that they wanted to expand the story. However, it has also been confirmed that the film will be a stand-alone story, so as not to mess with the trilogy that is, in the eyes of many, more than perfect. The film will be co-directed by John Lasseter (the director of the original three films) and storyboard artist Josh Cooley while the script is being written by Will McCormack and Rashida Jones. According to Lasseter himself, they love the characters they created so much that they don’t want to change them in any way unless the change can surpass what was done before. He also stated that they didn’t even dream of continuing the Toy Story franchise, but concluded that he just couldn’t get the idea for the new film out of his head.

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