Top 21 Extreme Method Actors



There are good actors and there are great ones. What separates the two is their devotion to preparing for a role and getting into character. Method actors are those movie stars who are willing to push the boundaries and test their own limits. They are the ones who stay in character when the cameras stop rolling, who transform their bodies and completely disappear in their roles.

Here’s a list of 21 actors and actresses who have taken their dedication to a role to the absolute

1. Daniel Day-Lewis

When Daniel Day- Lewis was portraying paralyzed poet Christy Brown in My Left Foot, he refused to leave his character’s wheelchair so the crew had to move him around set and even spoon-feed him. All the slumping and slouching eventually earned him an Oscar and two broken ribs.

For The Last of the Mohicans, DDL spent weeks in the wild learning how to throw a tomahawk, build a canoe and trap and skin animals. Director Michael Mann later told Time that Lewis wouldn’t eat anything unless he shot it. Afterwards, when he played a wrongly convicted person in For In The Name of the Father he barely slept and frequently locked himself in solitary confinement in the abandoned prison where they were filming. Oh, and he also asked crew members to abuse him for the genuine prison experience.

He didn’t wash for The Crucible, even though he met his future wife Rebecca Miller on set, became a pro boxer for The Boxer, caught pneumonia for Gangs of New York and left his wife in her movie The Ballad of Jack and Rose to live as isolated as his terminally ill character.

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