Top 21 Sequels That Never Should Have Been Made



Having little in common with their critically and commercially successful predecessors, some sequels definitely shouldn’t have been made. Since replicating success has never been an easy task, good sequels are very hard to find.

On the other hand, the movie industry is swarming with bad, almost unwatchable sequels that received unfavorable reviews from both the critics and the public. Here is a list of 21 sequels that should have never been made:

1. Grease 2

Grease 2 was an attempt at making a movie that was as good as the timeless hit Grease. Of course it failed spectacularly. In the sequel, an English high school student attempts to become the leader of a girls’ gang. We think that this should be enough to dissuade you from watching the movie.

Surprisingly, the movie gained a cult following. The biggest problem with the second film is that there is no progress from the first one. It is pretty much the exact same movie with a worse cast and average music.

Just about everything that happens in the first movie is revisited in the second one, and there isn’t anything here that you haven’t seen before. Maybe if you see the second Grease before the first one, you might actually like it better than the original. Besides, if you easily fall for nostalgia, you might want to check it out anyway.The movie’s biggest problem is the inferior cast that somehow fails to connect with the audience.

The New York Times said that Grease 2 is, “dizzy and slight, with an even more negligible plot than its predecessor had. This time the story can’t even masquerade as an excuse for stringing the songs together. Songs? What songs? The numbers in Grease 2 are so hopelessly insubstantial that the cast is forced to burst into melody about pastimes like bowling.”

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  • Why do you have the MTV show’s Teen Wolf as the cover for Teen Wolf Too? Do you even know what you’re talking about here? Either way, MTV’s Teen Wolf is actually pretty good and it follows Scott McCall pictured above (Tyler Posey) who plays lacrosse.

  • Amanda Ropicky

    Ummm…. ACTUALLY the English student in Grease 2 (Michael) was attempting to have a relationship with the head of the Pink Ladies. Being the badass she is, she only goes after motorcyclists. You can see where I’m going with this…. By the way, the English student is supposed to be Sandy’s cousin.

    I don’t disagree that it was a flop, but it’s not bad for how cheeky it is. My daughter loves it.

  • Sarah Harding-Roberts

    Who doesn’t know about Predator II? Seriously, surely everyone knows that film and it’s nowhere near as terribad as the two subsequent ones: Alien v Predator, and Alien v Predator: Requim!

  • Bob Frapples

    You know the sequel’s gonna be dead on arrival when most (If not all) of the original cast doesn’t come back from the first movie. As was the case with nearly all of the sequels on this list.

  • exactly. also Caddyshack 2 – even worse than Grease 2

  • michelhb

    Wouldn’t it have been easier to list the 7 movies that should have had a sequel? Nine times out of ten if the movie wasn’t designed from the beginning to have more than one part, the sequel has sucked. And seriously, how could they forget Highlander 2. Highlander fans have intentionally wiped it from their memories because it was so bad.

  • Guest

    i know it says sequels but that dumb and dumber prequel should have an special appearance.

  • Mr. J

    ghost rider: spirit of vengeance. worse than the first one.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    What’s wrong with Predator 2 ? And who doesn’t know it, it’s quite famous. Of course the original movie is a hundred times better, but it’s still a good movie, and at least it’s NOT a rehash of the first movie, it is very different.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    True, any sequel/prequel to a Jim Carrey movie without him was a disaster: Son of the mask, Dumb & Dumberer, Ace Ventura Jr, Evan Almighty…

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    Definitely true ! The first one wasn’t exactly a masterpiece, but surely looks like one compared to its awful sequel.

  • nobodobodon

    Hear, hear.

  • Carl Magee

    predator 2 is awesome that decision of films that never should have sequel should be changed to Highlander 2 for the fact that they made all the immortals become aliens and his friend cones back alive after being decapitated i mean how dumb is that he wouldn’t have any knowledge or strength cause the immortal who killed him got all that so stupid film, i’ll never watch that again but predator 2 i’d watch it again

  • EmyrDk

    I do not know anyone who didn’t like Predator 2. Which negates your opinion about all the other unseen films!

  • srawrats77

    Predator 2 was good. Shut up.

  • bigevilworldwide

    Um Highlander 2 is good as long as your watching the not hard to find renegade cut that drops all that alien bullshit

  • bigevilworldwide

    Um you have seen Highlander 2 Renegade cut right? It has nothing about aliens in it…Highlander 2 is good, as long as your not watching the regular version

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    LOL, I remember most of these movies, I enjoyed Son of The Mask & Alvin & The Chipmunks 2:The Squeakuel…=D

  • Danix Defcon 5

    I’d switch Predator2 with Highlander2.

  • bluedog2012

    The list is too long for just 7 titles, but I agree with each one. A few others, Slap Shot 2, Highlander 2, Caddyshack 2

  • bluedog2012

    disagree, it was more science fiction than action. I see where people don’t agree with that stance, but it’s an excellent sci fi flick

  • don

    i agree my children watched son of mask so many times even i no almost all the lines

  • don

    predator 2 is damm sure awsom

  • robross0606

    Contrary to popular belief, “Science Fiction” has an actual literary and academic definition. In order to be science fiction, the work has to meet certain criteria. Predator meets none of those criteria. Every movie with a piece of technology or an alien in it is not automatically science fiction. That would be akin to saying “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze was a horror movie because it had ghosts. The science in Predator is purely a MacGuffin and not used to explore central themes of science and how it affects society. Hence, sorry but not science fiction. “Blade Runner”, other other hand, absolutely science fiction. Another comparison: “Star Wars”? Fantasy. “Star Trek”? Science Fiction.

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    Wow, that’s AWESOME…=D

  • If you thought Blair witch one (A douche shaking a tent) Was better than part 2, Then you might be an idiot!

  • Agreed! I really enjoyed Predator 2, It had good characters, great actors, The setting was awesome, and the little nods thrown in here and there really make it a great flick!

  • Will

    Teen Wolf Too is one of the worst, laziest movies ever made. Jason Bateman has sucked complete ass in literally everything that wasnt Arrested Development. I mean speaking of lazy, the guy doesnt even try. He plays every single character with the same boring, listless, deadpan delivery. I have no idea how he became famous, especially after this piece of shit.

  • Will

    Also someone please kill Jaime Kennedy. Just fucking LOOK at that picture. How could everyone working on that movie consistently resist the overwhelming urge to run up and punch him in the face?

  • Musikonica

    “The CGI wasn’t as good as the first one either and there were even more crass jokes that only children would find funny. This is how their lost their target audience and they should be punished for that.”

    If children weren’t the target audience, who was? Seriously, it’s upsetting Alvin And The Chipmunks might only be funny to kids? As a male in his 30’s, I wouldn’t have expected anything more.

  • TombstoneLizard

    I loved “The Heretic.” Linda Blair knocked me out with her sexy self, and there was plenty going on to articulate the push by Pazuzu to wreak havoc through her (again!) The mountain where the religious order lived was also well done, and so was the taming of the locusts. Critics sucked then, and critics suck now.

  • TombstoneLizard

    I concur, and it was refreshing to see Danny Glover as the lead man. He kicked Predator’s butt fair and square, and didn’t end up with a nuked rain forest.

  • khanstruct

    Someone hasn’t seen Starship Troopers 2, Highlander 2 (original version), or Mortal Kombat 2 (how did they even get approved to make a second one!?).

    Also, Predator 2 was awesome. Did you even watch these movies?

  • Croky

    LoL ! Come on … I was about to completely agree with you but you blew it with the last comparison. Star Trek is Hard science fiction. Star Wars is Soft science fiction. I know some die hard Star Trek fans tend to outlaw Star Wars from science fiction but it doesn’t make any sense. I could agree Star Wars is a mix between Soft science fiction and science fantasy but I wouldn’t discard it as scifi. Anyway, you must agree that many films share more than just one genre …

  • Croky

    I agree the movie is both scifi and action but saying that it was more scifi than action is just blatantly wrong. Even considering such idea is a crime to the scifi genre …

  • CantBanThis

    Gosh I dunno how Mortal Kombat 2 got greenlit, maybe THE HUGE PROFITS FROM A LOW INVESTMENT THAT THE FIRST ONE MADE, MORON!?

  • Michael Bristow

    NO. Grease 2 is FAR superior to Grease 1. FACT.

  • Jessica2248

    Screw that I love Grease 2 and Predator 2! The rest are crap.

  • Andy Sayburn

    i loved this film

  • Andy Sayburn

    i strongly agree with you andrew

  • Andy Sayburn

    Grease 2 sucks

  • William Moffatt

    Blair Witch Project, Was the Worst Movie Ever!

  • Rob Pendragon

    He didn’t want to become the leader of the pink ladies. He wanted to be with the leader of the pink ladies. Geez, please edit before posting things. It would help with credibility.

  • J. Philip vanHeijkoop

    Predator 2 is freaking great (I prefer it over predators), though you might have seen the cut version, which is kinda goreless. And as much as Exorcist 2 sucks I truly adore part 3.

  • robross0606

    Obviously works will touch on multiple genre’s but the question is about central themes. In order to be classified as “Science Fiction” a central theme MUST be about the impact of science on society, environment, psyche, etc. Star Trek has always been primarily about the impact of science on society (except for a few terrible movies). Star Wars, on the other hand, has NEVER been about. Now, I love Star Wars. In addition to the movies, I’ve read every single book. With the exception of maybe two books, Star Wars has far more in common with Lord of the Rings than it does with any real Science Fiction work.

    Ask yourself this: why were people so upset when they attributed The Force to midi-chloreans? If this were Science Fiction, that kind of measurable explanation would not only be accepted, it would be required. This is because The Force was always thought to be mystical in nature and NOT science at all.

    Lucas himself has talked at length about his inspiration for Star Wars and how it is not Science Fiction but action/adventure/fantasy serial akin to Buck Rogers (also not Science Fiction).

    By comparison, look at Jurassic Park. Clearly fantastical and scary with lots of action. But this is most definitely a work of science fiction. The central theme of the movie is about the exploration of genetic research and how the creation of the dinosaurs impacts people.

  • Félix Cavazos

    Hadn’t noticed that. You’re completely right.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    True, the original cut is a total nonsense, and the editing was awful. But the Renegade version is a much better.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    I consider Star Wars “Space Fantasy”. Still a variant of sci fi.^^

  • erossix

    Predator 2 is Superior.. Did the writer watch it?

  • Ernst Blofeld

    Really? Compare talking to a computer to talking to Obiwan via the force. or.. any stardate to “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Does that sound like science to you?

  • Nathan Forester

    If there is any sequel that deserves to be on here, it’s Blues Brothers 2000.

  • This is total click bait. This article stinks. They think that Predator 2 is one of the worst sequels ever? It’s a classic. It’s the film that tied the Alien and Predator franchises.

  • Holly Powell


  • Victor Polk

    I don’t like to be rude, but you somehow being brainless, or your just a troll that should not make this article. Of course, Son of the Mask sucked REALLY badly, that I wish it was never made nor existed!

  • Scott

    How is the Sandlot 2 not on here??

  • Mr. Nerve Damage

    Sorry, but I don’t feel that anyone who has such terrible writing skills should have the right to critique anything. I noticed grammatical errors in essentially every single one of these critiques. I’m not usually the “grammar police”, but come on, spell check your work, or have someone check it for you.

  • Sérgio Barros

    Where the fuck Is The Butterfly Effect 2? Boy, that was awful…

  • Amsterdam_Adam_Curry

    In the case of 1-5, the original movies shouldn’t have ever been made.

  • Obviously

    Predator 2 doesn’t belong on this list. Speed 2 belongs on this list.

  • Jonathan Cook

    i would rather watch knockoff superhero porn films then watch then i would
    watch SON OF THE MASK at lest spiderbabe has boobs in it

  • Why does the text of #2 not line up with subheading: “Alvin and the Chipmunks; The Squeakquel”?

  • Everyone loved the original Matrix.

    Speak for yourself.

  • Anne Kimble

    I think that Twenty One jump Street the movie should not been made. Because I use to watch that show every evening on channel 32. And I love that show they have the original cast play the movie .I hope some day that they will do that make a movie. Your truly appreciate fan for life but anyway I really really do like Jonny Depp.Because I understand Him why. Because is a Gemini and I am to But anyway I truly do miss the whole cast of Twenty One Jump Street. From AnneMaria Kimble.

  • James McEnanly

    Did they borrow the Gorilla uniforms to use on the Klingons in the Star trek franchise, or did they designers just like the look?

  • Alvin Anderson

    People were laughing loudly at the shark. In one scene underwater, someone was just wiggling the rubber shark from behind while the actor was screaming inside his mini-sub. The Candy-gram shark from Sat Night Live would have been scarier.