Top 20 Movies That Were Made From Books



There are many books out there that have been made into movies.

Some of them became blockbusters while others ruined your imaginary playground. Nevertheless every now and then you come across a movie based on a book that is truly spectacular.

Here is a list of 20 best movies that made from books.

1. The Harry Potter Series

The Harry Potter series written by J.K. Rowling was produced into movies by Warner Bros over the course of ten years.

Each movie was as faithful to the book as it was possible. Each movie got progressively better as time went on. The movie series became one of the bestselling franchises in movie history.

The book was so unique and completely different from anything we’ve ever read that many people say that nothing has ever come close to what the author has done here.

The actors started at very young as they were portrayted in the books, so everyone could relate to them: from teens to grandmas and grandpas.

Also, the story is set in a real world, in modern time Britain. On the other hand, the mystery comes from a fantasy world, which you can perceive and imagine in any way you like. It’s that inspiring.

All the films have been a success financially as well as critically, making the Harry Potter franchise one of the major Hollywood blockbusters, that could be considered  considered a competition to James Bond, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean.

The series was also praised by audiences for being visually darker and more mature as each film was released. However, opinions of the films generally divide book fans, some preferring the more faithful approach of the first two films and others preferring the more stylized character-driven approach of the later films.

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  • Gene Siudut

    No Godfather? No Schlindler’s List? No To Kill a Mockingbird? Was this an actual list or was it voted on by Nickelodeon?

  • schmoo

    The Harry Potter franchise is perhaps the worst piece of s**t ever committed to film. Soulless, boring, with the intellect of a five-year old. Not surprising as the books are the most long-winded stretches of s**t ever committed to paper by a woman with the intellect of a dachsund

  • Elias Friedman

    Dude, all three of those are on the list! How they could fail to mention James Bond is beyond me though…

  • GDunn

    Uh…”Gone With the Wind”? “Shawshank Redemption”? “The Godfather” not #1? This list is worthless….

  • CarbonaNotGlue

    “Twilight” but not “Dracula”?! “Fight Club” but not “Wuthering Heights”? What a random list.

  • The_Mick

    Most of the comments here show the major problem with these ridiculous you-can-only-see-one-at-a-time lists. Most of the complaints below mention films that ARE in the list.
    Still, if I put such a list together and found the vast majority were from novels written in 1980 or later, I’d realize I don’t know much about films. No mention of Sophie’s Choice, True Grit, Of Mice and Men, Alice in Wonderland, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Color Purple, Carrie, The Exorcist, Jaws, The Great Gatsby, Little Women, The Da Vinci Code, Jurassic Park, The Scarlet Letter, The Red Badge of Courage, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, A Clockwork Orange, Peter Pan, Rosemary’s Baby, The Stepford Wives, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Seabiscuit, War of the Worlds, The Time Machine – I could go on and on and ot course these all can’t be in the top 20 – but they beat the heck of of most of the 90’s and later movies mentioned here.