Top Gun 2 Is A Go



Despite the fact that director of the original Top Gun, Tony Scott, tragically died recently, all sources close to the production of the movie say that the sequel is still going to happen.

Top Gun is a drama from 1980 that was one of the first big movies that launched the career of Tom Cruise. And more than 30 years later, a sequel seems to be in the making. According to sources close to the movie, there are ongoing talks with very big industry writers for completing the script.

The sources claim that Justin Marks has been tapped to write the script and that Paramount is in deep negotiations to get him on board. There are supposedly some writers already on the project, but everyone in the production company believes that Marks would make the perfect addition to the team.

No news yet on who will be back from the original cast, except Cruise, obviously. Rumors say that the plot of the movie could have something to do with some type of manned vs. drone aircraft conflict.

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