Transformers 5 Is Coming – Be Bery Afraid!



We can’t quite find a sound reason for doing yet another Transformers movie, but the franchise continues its existence against all odds. The release date is set for June 23,2017, so it’s officially in the works.

Even though the previous movies weren’t much of a box office success, Transformers: The Last Knight got a budget and is currently being filmed in Cuba, which is one of the few checked facts we can confirm. If you were wondering about the plot and what could possibly be new about robots that morph into vehicles and fight against space threats, think – robots in the Middle Ages. Apparently, the fifth Transformers movie will take us back to Arthurian times, where we will find out exactly how Merlin got his powers (hint: a Transformer is involved, naturally). If you needed reasoning behind the movie title, chances are it has something to do with a Transformer having a seat at the Round Table.

All jokes aside, it is worth mentioning that Anthony Hopkins is the newest member of the Transformers cast. While nobody knows what his part will be, we bet he’s playing Merlin.


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