Vin Diesel Gives Emotional Speech About Paul Walker



There’s no doubt about it, “Furious 7” is one of the most anticipated action movies of the year. However, despite the fact that it’s surely going to be fun and crazy ride, the death of franchise star Paul Walker last year gives the movie a sad overtone.

Everyone who has worked on these movies has only said good things about Walker, and they all miss him very much. At an early screening of the new movie in Los Angeles, co-star Vin Diesel made and appearance and gave a very emotional and touching speech about his late friend.

Diesel said that this was probably the hardest movie he ever had to make, considering the circumstances. He stopped several times during the speech, obviously overcome by emotion, but managed to make it through with the urging of the crowd and people in attendance.

“Let it (the new movie) be the legacy we know he deserves,” Diesel said at the end of his speech while pointing to a picture of Walker that was on the screen.


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