Walking Dead Star Interested In Playing Marvel Character



Walking Dead actor Tyler James Williams is really into Marvel, and would like to be part of the Universe one day. He was recently talking to journalists at the MCM London Comic Con, where he said that he would be interested in playing Miles Morales.

Who is Miles Morales? He appears in The Ultimate Marvel Universe, which was an updated version of the Marvel world create to be more contemporary and with the times. In this series, Peter Parker was killed by Green Goblin in 2001. After that, Miles Morales, a half black/half Hispanic character took his place as Spiderman.

Williams said that he has been following Morales’s character a lot and that he would be very open to the idea of playing him in a movie. He said that he is not trying to persuade Marvel, and that he has already read for them, but added that he would definitely love to do it if they called and were interested.

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