Watch Seven Samurai Before They Ruin It With A Remake (Again)



A remake of the original Magnificent Seven is in pre-production and we have to say that we are not too excited about it.

First of all, it is a remake of something that was already a remake.  Also, it is being directed by a director whose career has been in somewhat of a downward spiral for years. Finally, it seems that the casting will depend on whether you worked with said director before, with his old buddies Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawk being attached.

Our advice – watch the original.

But make sure it is the original original, not The Magnificent Seven with Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen and Eli Wallach, which did have its moments. Watch the Japanese original.

There is a reason why Seven Samurai still ranks among the best movies ever made. It is the forefather of the modern action movies which introduced so many features and characteristics that you would be seeing in pretty much all action movies that succeeded it. It has a great story, amazing episodes and fight scenes that more than hold their own to this day.

If nothing else, it is a movie that you need to see because of its impact on world’s cinema and all the directors that you like. Trust us, your favorite director loves Seven Samurai.

Plus, it is a really great movie.

It is definitely something we do not have to see remade with Ethan Hawk in it.

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