What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?



Based on a novel by Henry Farrell, a man who used write for Alfred Hitchcock, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane is one hell of a movie. Very dark and disturbing, it can be analyzed from different angles but with one same conclusion: perfection.

Starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, the movie can be watched over and over again just to enjoy more in their skill and passion with which they played their parts. They play two older sisters who find themselves in a very strange situation at the very end of their life. Depression, regret and sorrow can be so often transformed into aggression and torture…

Sibling rivalry, feminism and many more themes just fly by the viewer while the main thing about this movie are characters, masterfully played by real life rivals Davis and Crawford. The dialogue scenes are about 80 percent of the movie, so it may seem boring to younger audiences but that boredom can be vanquished by thinking about the issues that this movie raises…

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