What Luke Skywalker’s Name Was Supposed To Be



Did you know that Luke Skywalker was not the original name that was intended for the main character of Star Wars? The name is now legendary and has become the calling card of the franchise, but Skywalker was not the originally planned name.

According to some great trivia Mark Hamill, who obviously played Skywalker, let the world know, the character was originally supposed to be called Starkiller. However, Hamill said that a couple months before filming started, director George Lucas decided to change the name.

Why? Apparently, it was all Charles Manson’s fault. Manson and his “cult” were responsible for killing actress Sharon Tate back in the late 1960s. And in 1977, when Star Wars started filming, Lucas thought that it was too soon to use that kind of name. He was afraid that Starkiller would be associated with Manson’s killing of a celebrity and decided to change it last minute.

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