Whiplash May Be Too Violent For Your Children



Remember those scenes where Miles Teller bleeds all over the sticks and drum heads? Well, the blisters and blood were real.

Despite the fact that Teller had played the drums since he was 15, Nate Lang gave him four hour-long lessons in jazz drumming three days a week before the shooting began. However, it apparently wasn’t good enough for the movie. Instead of yelling cut during filming, the director made Teller continue drumming until he could no longer move. This resulted in real blisters that would leave blood everywhere on set.

It seems that the relationship between J.K. Simmons and Miles Teller got a bit violent as well. While filming the scene when Teller attacked Simmons, the latter ended up with two cracked ribs. And for the slapping scene, the two actors agreed to do a real five finger slap to the face. Simmons later told Esquire that he was perfectly fine with this scene.

“Fletcher was fun to play. All that anger, it felt good to get it out. Even if it did involve slapping Miles Teller repeatedly. But seriously, who doesn’t want to slap a 27-year-old movie star?”

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