Who Dies In Batman vs. Superman?



If you are a fan of Batman, then you know that a lot of characters have died in the comic book stories.

However, there are some that are too beloved and never seem to get killed off. But it seems that there will be one very popular character killed off as the basis for the new Batman vs. Superman movie that’s in production.

At first, there were rumors that Robin was going to be killed by the Joker coming into the movie, but that might not be true. The latest rumors state that Commissioner James Gordon will be dead in the upcoming movie.

Rumors of a “death in the family” have been circulating ever since people started talking about the new movie, but it was never clear, and it still really is not, who will die.

Most people assumed that it would be Robin, since there was no indication that anyone was being cast for the role. However, rumor is that Jena Malone – yes, a female – is going to play Robin in the new movie. We’ll have to wait and see.

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