Who Is The Best James Bond Henchman Of All Time?


As James Bond fans know, the latest movie in the series, “Spectre,” is going to be released in theaters this week. The fact that this installment of the classic spy movie franchise is going to have a tough guy henchman in it, we felt that it was time to talk about this classic Bond character.

Who is your favorite evil henchman of all time? In “Spectre,” it’s going to be Mr. Hinx, who will be played by former pro wrestler Dave Bautista. If you’ve seen Bautista, then you should know what to expect from Hinx, a massive, muscular guy that does a lot of dirty work for his evil boss.

But out favorite of all time has to be Oddjob. He was played by Harold Sakata in 1964’s “Goldfinger” and was easily the most amusing and coolest henchman of all time. The guy had a razor hat that he threw at people and severed heads with, that’s pretty hard to beat.
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