Whoopi Goldberg’s Determined: No Sequel To Sister Act



Whoopi Goldberg will not make any more sequels to the original Sister Act series, the reason being the death of an older crew member. When asked whether she would be willing to continue her celebrated role with the enjoyable nuns, Goldberg didn’t give an affirmative answer, believing it would not be the same without the older actresses that have passed away after the original and sequel were filmed.

The original comedy dates back to 1991, while the sequel Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit was filmed in 1993. The talented comedian plays a role of a girl on the run, who find herself in a nunery looking for shelter. There has been a huge twenty-year gap between the last film and the idea to film the sequels. Goldberg herself is 58 years old and at the time of filming the movies, some of the older generation nuns were older, and naturally have passed away. Goldberg believes no replacement would make it worth filming.

Dedicated fans of the film would love to see Goldberg make Sister Act 3. Having asked the star about the sequel on Facebook.com, she replies:

“No, there’s no chance that I will ever do another Sister Act. Too many of the nuns have passed like Mary Wicks (sic). How could you ever do another Sister Act without them?”

The memorable Sister Mary Lazarus who was played by Wickens in both movies, died in 1995, aged 85. Goldberg also lost other members of the cast who include Rose Parenti, who played Sister Alma, as well as other nun’s choir actresses.

The movie has been so popular that was made into hit stage show and performed on Broadway’s and in London’s West End.

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