Wild Tales Brings An International Brand Of Humor



Wild Tales is a comedic triumph in the truest sense. When it comes to humor, it’s safe to say that it might not always translate perfectly from one culture to another.

What one group of people find funny, might be entirely different from what people living on another continent find amusing. Heck, even British humor does not translate well to Americans a lot of the time, despite the fact that they both speak the same language.

That’s what makes Wild Tales so impressive. Argentine writer-director Damián Szifrón has the ability to create and demonstrate situations that are funny to just about everyone. He manages to find universal themes that make people all over the globe laugh, while simultaneously pushing their limits.

Made up of six sketches, the movie is edgy without being over-the-top and funny without being cheap or offensive. It’s never about a series of jokes and always about the bigger picture. And while most of the social commentary does focus on the Argentine people, it always is able to clearly touch on more universal concepts.

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