Will The Goonies Ever Get A Sequel?



Remember when director Richard Donner confirmed in an interview that a new Goonies movie was in the works? It seems that he might not have been one hundred percent honest. From what we can tell, there is a willingness to do it, but only if the right script is written. Donner especially doesn’t seem like he wants to force it, and from what we can see, no one really wants to put a lot of money into the project either.

One of the stars of the original movie, Corey Feldman, said that he had an awesome idea for the new movie, which him and co-star Sean Astin put together, but that it isn’t very realistic. Feldman wants the original actors to be the stars of the new movie and to go on an Indiana Jones-esque adventure around the world.

Of course, that would call for an enormous budget and it’s probably not the direction anyone wants to go right now.

If the movie ever does happen, it’s probably going to be a very similar story to the first one, with the children of the original cast being the leads. So hopefully one day someone will deliver a script that will be good enough to get the movie done. For now, it looks like plans are dead in the water.

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