Wizard Of Oz Lion Costume Sells For $3 Million



If you were thinking of buying the costume of the cowardly lion from the 1939 cinema classic The Wizard of Oz, you are out of luck. Someone just bought the costume from an auction for the price of $3 million.

It was on auction at Bonhams in New York City on Monday and according to sources close to the auction, the authenticity of the costume was confirmed. It was the same costume that actor Bert Lahr wore throughout the movie. And just for information’s sake, a backup of this original costume sold for $1 million recently.

The costume was previously owned by founder of the Los Angeles Museum of Television, James Comisar. He confirmed that many tests were run to confirm that the costume was the real one from the movie. Also, he added that the entire costume is made out of genuine lion skin

. People magazine stated that the costume was actually dug up back in the 1970s while a junk dealer was cleaning out a building of an old deserted MGM lot.

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